The People Training Process

First, you come to our facility and spend time with the trainer in a training session (for both you and the dog) right off the bat. Now that we have made the progress with the dog, it is time to turn our focus to you. Make no mistake, dogs are not robots. When your dog returns home with you, it will be with homework for both of you to do. The dog knows it, now the dog needs to know you know it. Your first week will involve a highly structured return home with positive reinforcement homework. We want to set the dog up for success. But we don’t stop there.

Continued Support

We provide unlimited support in our board and train. You will also always have access via text, video call, or Snapchat. And of course, you are welcome to have us brush up his training from time to time when you board him/her here with us.


Meeting Your Dog's Needs.... and Yours!

Professional Dog Training

Your dog will learn basic obedience at an accelerated rate under the guidance of a professional trainer. Your dog's personality and happiness is foremost.


Does your dog jump up, bolt out the door, steal food, get on the furniture, or anything else that is dangerous or annoying? Let us help!

Daily Playtime

While he / she is here, your dog can enjoy romping with other canines in a large play yard. FUN! FUN! FUN! If he/she likes rather play with humans, we can provide that, too.

Temperature-Controlled Sleeping Quarters

Cool or cozy - Summer or Winter.

Options for Special Needs

Personalize your dog's program with options like crate training, weight loss / conditioning and car manner. Let us customize a training program that's just right for you both!

Behavior Consultations only

Is your dog driving you crazy? Schedule a 45 min. consultation with us. We will analyze the source of the problem and give you strategies for success.